Coast Mountain Bus Company & Skytrain (Vancouver) Photos

Welcome to the Translink (CMBC) photo gallary. Translink manages transit service in the Greater Vancouver area. Currently Coast Mountain Bus Company operates the actual fleet of buses, Skytrain and Seabus is operated by Translink. West Vancouver Transit is also part of Translink but is opertrated by the municipality of West Vancouver.The most recent change was in March/April 1999 when the Vancouver Regional Transit System (Established in 1983) was taken over by Coast Mountain Bus Company (CMBC) and Translink . The letters in front of the fleet number are garage allocations for the bus. They are as follows B- Burnaby N- North Vancouver P- Port Coquitlam, R- Richmond, S- Surrey and V- Vancouver (Formerly Oakridge).

There are various models in the database. To see the photos click on the manufactures name you would like to see. Then click on the fleet number to see a photo of that bus/train.

Please Remember that if you would like to use these photos for a website or other reproduction please ask before you do so. Thank you!

Manufactures Name Thumbnail Thumbnail Manufactures Name
Community Shuttles Flyer E901A/E902
GM New Looks GM-MCI Classic
New Flyer C40 New Flyer C40LF
New Flyer C40LFR
New Flyer D40 New Flyer D40LF
New Flyer D40LFR
New Flyer D60 New Flyer D60LF
New Flyer D60LFR
New Flyer DE60LFR New Flyer E40LFR
New Flyer E60LFR New Flyer XD40
New Flyer XED60
New Flyer XN40
Nova Bus LFS Diesel Nova Bus LFS Hybrid
Orion 05.501 Suburban Orion Buses
Loaned from BC Transit
(Feb-Mar 2007)
Bombardier MKI/MKII
Hyundai Rotem
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