New Flyer D60LFR

Welcome to the New Flyer D60LFR photo gallery. In 2007, Calgary Transit took delivery of 6 New Flyer D60LFR's. The long awaited buses were launched onto Route 301 in July of 2007. Calgary had been looking seriously to invest in higher capacity buses for several years prior to the delivery of these buses. A BC Transit Dennis Trident was tested in June 2003 and a Edmonton Transit System Cummins New Flyer D60LF was tested in June 2004.These new buses remained in all white paint untill the new paint scheme (red/gray/white) was introduced. These buses feature shell seats with patterned padding, similar to the 2006 Winnipeg spec. and 2007/2008 New Flyer D40LF orders. Inner wall heating and motion sensor middle/rear doors are included as well. The buses have Luminator LED destination signs and a Cummins ISM engine. These buses feature the new dual display Allison control panel on the driver's dashboard, the 6 speed version of the B500R (B500R6) is the transmission for these buses. These are the first Calgary Transit buses to receive New Flyer's redesigned front and rear caps. They are also the first buses since 1993 the receive double width rear doors.

In January and Feburary of 2008, Calgary Transit took delivery of 15 more New Flyer D60LFR's, they have the same specifications as the first 6 units delivered in 2007.

In the fall of 2008, Calgary Transit took delivery of 20 more New Flyer D60LFR's with the same specifications as earlier units.

The majority of the photos in this section are taken by me (Kevin Lo). There are a few that were donated by Peter McLaughlin or Ashton Wong. Please do not re-use any of these photos without prior permission of the photo owner. Thank You

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