Welcome to the MCI Calgary Transit photo gallery. Calgary Transit had 107 MCI Classics (TC40102N) in their fleet. The Classic was designed by GM in the mid 1980's and was basicly a redesign of the GM Fishbowl which they had designed over 3 decades ago. The frame or chasis is nearly identical to that of a GM Fishbowl, however the body is new and more mordern. With the introduction of the New Flyer Low Floor Bus, Calgary Transit did not order anymore of these buses after the 1992 order. NovaBus is now the manufactuer of the "Classic". Although in 2004, Calgary Transit started to have some of these MCI Classic's rebuilt, this continued onto the early 2010's and most of the buses were rebuilt. In 2005 10 used MCI TC40102A "Classic" buses bought used from Connecticut Transit were added to the fleet. By October 2015, the last of these buses were retired from service. However nearly 40 units were sold to Gatineau, Saskatoon and Cold Lake.

Almost all MCI Classics along with all other high floor 40 foot buses are not used during holiday or weekend service because most routes are served by low floor buses and community shuttle buses from Victoria Park Garage. Victoria Park Garage is the only garage open for Calgary Transit buses on the weekends and holidays. Victoria Park has MCI Classic 5070 and 5071 and are based at Victora Park for large charter calls or sometimes can be be seen in regular service. On the weekdays most of South Calgary is full of MCI Classics (mostly 1992's) as many routes in south Calgary are run by MCI Classics from Anderson Garage.

All photos in this section are taken by me (Kevin Lo) Please do not re-use any of these photos without my permission. Thank You
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Model Year Thumbnail Fleet Number
TC40102A 1990/1991 5108-5117
TC40102N 1991 5001-5056
TC40102N 1992 5057-5107
TC40102N 1992 5062 Charter
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