Calgary Transit uses two types of LRV's on it's C-Train system, they are the older U2 and newer SD-160. For more information on Calgary Transit's C-Train system go to the Calgary Transit C-Train info page or click here.

Photos were taken by me (Kevin Lo). Please ask for my (Kevin Lo) permission before you re-use any of the photos. Thank you.
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Model Year Thumbnail Fleet Number
SD/CT-U2-DC 1980-1981 2001-2027
SD/CT-U2-DC 1982-1985 2028-2083
SD-U2-AC 1988 2101-2102
SD160 2000-2001 2201-2215
SD160 2002-2003 2216-2232
SD160 2006-2007 2233-2272
SD160 2010-2012 2301-2340
S200 2015-2016 2401-2463
Stations N/A Stations
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